Urinary Tract Infection

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You recognized that oh-so-telling painful burning sensation when you last urinated.  You have been hoping that with enough water and cranberry juice it would go away…but it didn’t.  You are wondering; between your busy schedule and frequent trips to the bathroom, ‘how you will get in to be seen and treated?’  

Have an easy, fast, convenient telemedicine visit with one of our providers today and get on your way to wellness!

See A Doctor OnlineWhat is a urinary tract infection?

A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) occurs when bacteria has, for one reason or another, entered a person’s urethra and multiplied causing irritation to the lining of our urinary tract.  Bacteria sticks to the urethral and bladder walls, can cause inflammation and leads to the symptoms of painful urination, a sensation of needing to void often, and post-void spasm discomfort.  If not treated promptly, the bacteria can duplicate up into the bladder, and even continue up into the kidneys causing a kidney infection.   

How is it treated?

With antibiotic pills, usually for just a couple of days. Cranberry juice and other herbal remedies haven’t been shown to work well. Often times a urine test is not necessary to determine the source of infection and how to treat it.  After a simple convenient video visit with one of our providers, we can determine if a simple course of antibiotics called in to your nearest pharmacy would be right for you.  

It is still beneficial to stay hydrated before, during and after taking the prescribed medications. 

Seeing a doctor online for my UTI was so easy. Don’t wait to get treated, they can send in a prescription to your nearest pharmacy and get you well again in no time! – Nancy F.